1. Schrieber, Michiele RN, MSN, CCM

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The editors of Global Health Nursing outline strategies, implications for advancement of nursing in other countries and populations, and ethical considerations regarding global health and population health. Case studies are interspersed throughout the text, supporting the claim that "partnership is the central element of global health nursing" (Upvall & Leffers, 2014, p. xviii). By way of introduction, the editors define international health, public health, and global health and provide a short history, ethical considerations, and a conceptual model of partnership for this nursing specialty.


The book includes ways to apply global health principles into nursing practice. The case studies provide examples of application of the principles covered in each chapter. Reflective questions are included after each chapter and case study. The writer of this book review would have preferred to have a map outlining the areas discussed in the case studies.


This text should be considered as a great resource for the individual nurse or nursing group contemplating a journey into global health nursing. This reviewer personally found this book interesting and informative as a precursor to an international foray into global health nursing by way of a short-term mission trip.


Disclaimer: The author has disclosed that she has no significant relationships with, or financial interest in, any commercial companies pertaining to this review.