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  1. Walker-Vischer, Lisa DNP, RN, CNS, CCRN
  2. Hill, Constance PhD, RN
  3. Mendez, Suzanne S. MD


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to describe the experience of Latino parents of hospitalized children during family-centered rounds (FCRs).


BACKGROUND: Family-centered rounds provide a mechanism to exchange information and facilitate shared decision making. Latino parents may have a suboptimal experience during FCRs. Understanding this experience helps nurse leaders improve patient satisfaction.


METHODS: Using a convenience sample, written surveys in Spanish were given to 20 parents who had attended at least 2 FCRs. The surveys were translated into English for data analysis.


RESULTS: The narrative data were analyzed for common themes using content analysis. Four themes were identified: valued perception, inclusion and care, facilitated communication, and meeting expectations.


CONCLUSIONS: Parents in this study felt that their participation and input were valued and that these positively impacted care. Family-centered rounds helped them understand the plan and facilitated communication when done in Spanish. Nurse leaders play a key role in improving satisfaction and increasing access to translation services or bilingual staff.