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Nursing Management 's Infection Control Special Report (June 2002) highlights a number of important IC topics. Of the many pertinent issues addressed, the news brief regarding single-use devices requires clarification.


Whereas the news item states, "Hospitals that reuse single-use devices (SUDs) must register with the FDA..." it's actually hospitals that reprocess (that is, clean, package, and sterilize for clinical re-use) SUDs that must register with the FDA. All reprocessors, regardless of other business conducted, must submit the proper pre-market documents to the FDA and follow their Quality System Regulations-formerly referred to as Good Manufacturing Practices.


The FDA doesn't require that reprocessed devices be followed from reprocessing to final disposal. To merely use reprocessed SUDs, regardless of who reprocesses them, requires no FDA approval or other contact with that federal agency.


Steven Avalos-Bock, RN, CIC


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