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Clicker, Concentration, Nursing student





In this technology era, information literacy is a global imperative. This is true for nursing students as well because they will have to help patients through operating computerized equipment. The key foundation of learning is concentration. The primary objectiveof this research was to explore the effect of clickers on nursing college students' concentration. The research involved 51 student volunteers and was quasi-experimental, with both a pretest and a posttest design. Student concentration was measured by using Student Concentration Scale in a Classroom-Learning Environment. The results showed that students' learning concentration improved, an outcome that could support integrating clickers into classroom teaching activities, and students' concentration level was better after clickers were used in the teaching process as a whole. Items under the "Concentration Capacity and Concentration Consciousness" category reached a significant level. Based on the analysis of the results, suggestions have been made for teaching and future research.