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  1. Fahlgren, Teresa L. MSN, MA, RN, LCDR, USN
  2. Drenkard, Karen Neil MSN, RN, CNAA


A critical responsibility of nurse executives is to lead and manage in times of crisis and disaster. Preserving open lines of communication, ensuring quality patient care, providing current education, influencing policy and financial decisions, and providing security for staff, patients, and families are among a few of the tasks that need to be monitored during a disaster situation. In part 1 (September 2002), the authors discussed the use of the nursing process as a framework to prepare for an all-hazards threat to disaster and mass casualty possibilities. In this article, part 2, the authors discuss the executive nurse's role in preparing a facility for disaster situations, including 8 areas of assessment for planning, implementation, and evaluation stages of readiness.