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pain assessment, pain management, palliative care, standards, JCAHO, documentation



  1. Mazanec, Polly MSN, APRN, BC
  2. Bartel, Judy MSN, APRN
  3. Buras, Denise BSN, RN
  4. Fessler, Pamela BSN, RN
  5. Hudson, Joanne RN, CHPN
  6. Jacoby, Martha MA, LSW, LPC
  7. Montana, Bridget MSN, APRN, MBA
  8. Phillips, Marie MA, MDiv


Pain management is the responsibility of all members of the hospice team. A transdisciplinary model of holistic pain assessment and management engages all disciplines in pain screening, management, and documentation. The nursing role in this model emphasizes detailed holistic assessment, pharmacological and nonpharmacological management, and patient and family education. The use of a transdisciplinary pain flow sheet captures the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of pain.