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Breastfeeding, Caring, Nursing care, Support



  1. Hong, Terumi Matsuura BSN, RN
  2. Callister, Lynn Clark PhD, RN
  3. Schwartz, Rosanne PhD, RN, FNP


Purpose: To gain insights into the perceptions of first-time mothers regarding nurses' support of breastfeeding.


Study Design: Phenomenology


Method: Audiotaped interviews were conducted with 20 primiparous breastfeeding mothers within the first month after giving birth vaginally to healthy term infants. Data analysis was concurrent with data collection, and trustworthiness of the data was established.


Results: Nurses provided emotional, informational, and tangible support. Nonsupportive behaviors were also identified, including a sense that the nurse was in a hurry, failed to offer breastfeeding assistance, and was inflexible while working with the mother and infant.


Clinical Implications: Nurses can contribute significantly to the successful initiation of and continuation of breastfeeding, and provide new mothers with the confidence and reassurance critical for breastfeeding success.