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  1. Rosenfeld, Peri PhD
  2. Glassman, Kimberly PhD, RN
  3. Capobianco, Elizabeth MS, RN


OBJECTIVE: This retrospective study evaluates short- and long-term outcomes of the nurse residency program (NRP) at NYU Langone Medical Center from the perspective of former residents.


BACKGROUND: Studies of NRPs focus primarily on retention rates. Little is known about the careers of former residents beyond completion of the program or their perceptions of the value of the NRP on their careers.


METHODS: An online survey to 671 former residents from 2005 to 2012, who remain employed at NYU Langone Medical Center, was conducted in fall 2013 to assess their current employment and professional characteristics and assessment of program components.


RESULTS: Findings from the 425 respondents (65.8%) revealed significant variations among the cohorts over time, suggesting that the perceived value of some program components emerge long after completion of NRP.


CONCLUSION: The experiences and assessments of former residents demonstrate that certain program outcomes require longer time to emerge.