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* "Enjoy the transition, and get on board," implores Marilyn Kiesling Howard, ARNP, who shares the story of how her practice shifted from paper to electronic health records in "Never Too Late: One Family Practice's Shift to EHRs after 50 Years of Paper" (


* In "Bedpans and Learning: Nursing Basics Still Matter," critical care nurse Amanda Anderson explains how she came to realize that "nursing at its finest is the stuff of bedpans and bed baths" (


* Amy M. Collins, AJN managing editor, warns readers about a publishing scam that takes advantage of the relatively new open access model, preying on would-be authors and potentially flooding the market with inferior research, in "Have You Fallen Prey to a Predatory Publisher?" (



"Lab work, numbers from machines, and all the other data we have at our fingertips should not be substituted for a good overall assessment and time with the patient." "Nursing is a science and our care should be evidence based. We must also remember that we are caring for individuals who respond not only to treatments, but to the person providing them." "None of us should be discriminating against a patient for any reason. You entered this profession knowing there are vast differences. If you can't take care of patients who do not fit in with your beliefs, maybe you are in the wrong profession." "There are others whose job it is to judge and punish the transgressions of individuals. In a civilized world we do not punish people by withholding care."




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