1. Kowal, Diane L. MA, BS, RN, CSNT, NCSN

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As an epinephrine resource school nurse (ERSN) for the National Association of School Nurses (NASN), I was interested in "Misuse of Autoinjectors and Inhalers" (In the News, March). School nurses have long been aware of the need for additional and ongoing education in regard to autoinjector and inhaler medications.


The NASN created a program to educate both nurses and laypeople on epinephrine administration in the event of an anaphylactic allergic reaction. As part of this Get Trained program, standardized training is provided to school nurses and the community. The NASN has trained nurses in 48 states to be ERSNs, and once trained these nurses contact all the school nurses in their states to ensure they're trained. The school nurses then educate teachers and other adults in the school community-people other than clinicians-on how to use the autoinjectors.


Through this educational initiative, we can all work together to help keep our children safe.


Diane L. Kowal, MA, BS, RN, CSNT, NCSN


Coventry, RI