1. King, Rosemarie B. PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN

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Dear Ms. Carroll,


Iam writing about our manuscript, "The Stroke Caregiver Unmet Resource Needs Scale: Development and Psychometric Testing," which was published in the December 2013 issue of Journal of Neuroscience Nursing (King, Hartke, Lee, & Raad, 2013). I recently discovered that, of 166 dyads, five stroke survivors and two caregivers had not consented completely. Two stroke survivors and both caregivers had consented but did not have authorization forms. Three stroke survivors did not have signed consent or authorization forms.


This problem has been reported to the Northwestern University Institutional Review Board, and we are following their recommendations. The stroke survivor's consent was necessary to retrieve baseline data from the survivor's medical record (demographics, function, aphasia, first stroke). No other data were collected for survivors. The caregivers' data were obtained through interviews.


I regret that this incident occurred. The involved data will be destroyed to avoid any future use of the information. Please contact me if you have questions or comments.




Rosemarie B. King, PhD, RN, FAHA, FAAN

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Research Professor, Ret.


Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


Chicago, IL




King R. B., Hartke R. J., Lee J.,, Raad J. (2013). The stroke caregiver unmet resource needs scale: Development and psychometric testing. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 45 (6), 320-328. [Context Link]