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  1. Bakallbashi, Eni MBA, MPA
  2. Vyas, Anjali MBA
  3. Vaswani, Nikita MBA
  4. Rosales, David MBA
  5. Russell, David PhD
  6. Dowding, Dawn PhD, RN
  7. Bernstein, Michael MBA
  8. Abdelaal, Hany DO
  9. Hawkey, Regina MPA, RN, NE-BC


An internal employee challenge competition is a way to promote staff engagement and generate innovative business solutions. This Spotlight on Leadership focuses on the approach that a large not-for-profit healthcare organization, the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, took in designing and executing an innovation challenge. The challenge leveraged internal staff expertise and promoted wide participation. This model is 1 that can be replicated by organizations as leaders work to engage employees at the point of service in organization-wide problem solving.