1. Perry, Shannon E. PhD, RN, FAAN

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I read with interest "A More Diverse Nursing Workforce" (Advancing Health Through Nursing: Progress of the Campaign for Action, May). What seems to be missing in this discussion is the need for and availability of student scholarships. Lack of money is a great obstacle for many who would like to become nurses, especially minority students.


I created a scholarship for Native American students at a state university. The money awarded was used for transportation, child care, and motel costs, because students often traveled great distances to attend classes. Other scholarships don't cover these costs. When my pledge was completed, I started a scholarship for Native American students at another university.


Scholarships last only as long as they are funded. We need to ensure they are funded beyond the initial pledge. Others can no doubt identify schools of nursing where such help is needed and do their part to increase diversity in nursing.


Shannon E. Perry, PhD, RN, FAAN