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Nursing education journals are important means of communicating information to help nurse educators keep current and learn about new approaches to teaching. These journals have varying missions and publish different types of articles, and each journal has its own manuscript review process. This lack of uniformity can cause frustration among authors when selecting journals for submission and can result in work having to be redone. A resource is needed that summarizes characteristics of nursing education journals, including the journal's mission, types of articles published in the journal, manuscript review process, time frame for peer review and publication of papers, and other details important in manuscript preparation. The Table, Supplemental Digital Content 1,, provides this resource for nurse educators. The table lists nursing education journals, alphabetically, with subsequent columns defining the journal's mission, publisher, frequency of publication, review process, time frame for manuscript review and article publication, and several other items. The table will allow nurse educators who are interested in submitting a manuscript to have the appropriate information all in one resource. The table serves as a resource tool to help ease the submission process for nurse educators who are ready to publish their work.


Submitted by: Julie A. Pagel, BSN, RN,