1. Ballard, Mindy BSN, RN
  2. Eaton, Lindsey BSN, RN, OCN

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A passion for compassion

Thank you for publishing "Compassion Fatigue: The Cost of Caring" (July 2015),* which addresses the physical and emotional impact that caring for others has on healthcare workers. As a nurse leader and educator, I've become passionate about increasing awareness of this topic and its long-term effects on organizations. Although this article focuses on nurses, examining the effects of compassion fatigue on all healthcare disciplines is equally important. I'd like to see studies on how compassion fatigue affects other members of the healthcare team. We need to examine individual and organizational variables, all departments within an organization, and various geographical regions.1

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Recently our facility provided an educational lecture on compassion fatigue and began to implement some of the work setting strategies mentioned in your article; these have been extended to all hospital employees, not just nurses. Not only has this initiative raised awareness about compassion fatigue, but it's also shown employees that the organization recognizes their hard work and dedication and values their health and well-being.




Abilene, Tex.



1. Smart D, English A, James J, et al. Compassion fatigue and satisfaction: a cross-sectional survey among US healthcare workers. Nurs Health Sci. 2014;16(1):3-10. [Context Link]


Informatics leadership needed

The article "Information Leadership: The Role of the CNIO" (Tech Notes, April 2015)* brings to light the need for healthcare organizations to have a chief nurse informatics officer (CNIO). At my hospital, the units have fully adopted electronic health records, but the outpatient clinic where I work is still in transition. The fact that nurses are the ones using the healthcare information technology justifies the need for a CNIO. This article has inspired me to assess the need in my department and lobby for a nurse leadership position to help guide us during the transition.




Lubbock, Tex.


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