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Salt and Light

Since 1946, nearly 300,000 people have encountered God at an Urbana Student Missions Conference-and their lives were forever altered. This year, on December 27th, more than 16,000 students, missionaries, and global Christian leaders will come together in St. Louis, Missouri, for five life-changing days at InterVarsity's Urbana 15.

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Among them will be nursing students exploring their place in God's global mission. Through speakers, Bible study, prayer, worship, and plentiful conversations, nursing students can ask their heart-felt questions, express their dreams and fears, and deepen their trust in God. Staff with Nurses Christian Fellowship will meet and pray with them.


These students will become God's salt and light in a new generation of nurses committed to loving God and serving others around the world. Find out more about Urbana 15 at


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On Campus

A recent email reminded me why NCF's mission of developing Christ-centered nursing students is so important. Diana wrote:

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"Two years ago, I was part of an accelerated bachelor in nursing program. I learned there was an NCF group meeting to pray and do devotionals geared toward nursing students. As busy as my life was, I tried it out and was hooked. I attended as many meetings as I could."


"Now that I'm a nurse, I felt God wanted me to 'pay back' some of that spiritual support I received in school. I joined NCF and became a full-fledged member. I wear my NCF pin proudly and have been asked about it. I'm always glad to share that there is a professional association specifically geared toward Christian nurses. I make use of JCN and other tools that have helped me grow as a Christian nurse."


"I am currently employed at a Christian hospital, thankful to God that I am part of an institution that keeps Christ at its center. However, I see how nurses are burned out and how the hospital is not tapping on the spiritual potential of its many programs."


"For example, I became a Spiritual Ambassador in order to show I am committed to the hospital's mission of 'extending the healing ministry of Christ.' It's a great program that is geared outward, toward the community. But I believe more work can be done internally to support the hardworking nursing workforce."


"I saw on NCF Facebook that Krista Doan is preparing for ministry with my school's NCF chapter, so I reached out to her. I am eager to see how God leads her in nurturing another generation of student nurses. Spiritual encouragement and nurture must start at the student level in order to ensure that professional nurses will be spiritually ready for their work."


I am grateful for Diana and how God is leading her to influence her patients and workplace for Christ. Her story of being encouraged as a student in NCF is one that needs to be repeated in every nursing school. She embodies the vision of NCF to Be Transformed . . . Transform Nursing.


-Jane Hall, MS, RN, National Director of Nurses Christian Fellowship

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The Journal of Christian Nursing you're holding in your hands or reading online does not appear before you in a vacuum.


Each issue of JCN is created with vision, written with intention, and wrapped in passion to see God heal, restore, and renew his people and his creation. As a publication of Nurses Christian Fellowship, JCN is a vital part of our vision for nurses, students, and educators to serve whole-heartedly as God's redemptive agents in healthcare.


Whatever your nursing environment, we pray that your hospital, clinic, or classroom is a better place because you're there.


What challenges do you face in living out God's love in your workplace? How are you tapping into the streams of living water that Jesus promised in John 7:37-38 to his followers? How do you maintain your physical, spiritual, and emotional health in a demanding profession?


NCF cares about your holistic development. If you want to find or start a local NCF group, explore an NCF Bible study, or be inspired by a story, visit the NCF website at


Nurses do a lot to help people. But as Christian nurses, we know that who we are is more important than what we do.


Take a moment to breathe deeply and release to God all of the strains and stresses of the day. God's Spirit will strengthen you for the journey ahead.


You are not alone.


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Spotlight On...

Grace Tazelaar, MS, RN, has spent a lifetime equipping nurses and nursing students to demonstrate God's love for the poor and underserved in the United States and Uganda. Grace recently retired as the Missions Director for Nurses Christian Fellowship.

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"I'm passionate about the place of health and healing in building God's Kingdom, but I no longer have to be the person actively involved at the ground level." Grace said. "I will encourage and pray for the next generation of missionary nurses."


Grace longs for Christian nurses to see their profession not just as a job, but as a response to God's call to be involved in his work among the weak, ill, suffering, or vulnerable. "As Christian nurses, we value human life and advocate for healthcare that demonstrates Christ's righteousness and justice," Grace affirms.


Grace is an author and reviewer for Journal of Christian Nursing and a member of the International Advisory Board for the Christian Journal for Global Health. She is an advocate for best practices in healthcare missions and actively networks with ministries caring for health needs around the world.


Over the years, Grace has answered numerous questions and developed resources that equip nurses, educators, and nursing students to provide healthcare among the poor and underserved. With wisdom and experience, Grace inspires others in missions, nurse education, healthcare ministries, and much more. Find her collection of articles at


In retirement, Grace will volunteer with NCF in continuing her passion for mobilizing nurses for God's healing work among the nations.

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