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Cultural humility, Ethical humility, Family facilitator during resuscitation, Family witnessed resuscitation, Nurse attitudes



  1. Jordahl, Erica RN, CCRN
  2. Hyde, Yolanda M. PhD, RN, BC, OCN
  3. Kautz, Donald D. PhD, RN, CRRN, CNE, ACNS-BC


Giving family members the option of being present during resuscitation has been shown to be beneficial for both family and staff. However, only a small percentage of intensive care units have policies promoting family-witnessed resuscitation. This article reviews current research showing the benefits of family-witnessed resuscitation, outlines how to successfully integrate a family facilitator during resuscitation, and includes research that has been effective in changing the prevailing attitudes of staff. The authors also argue for the resuscitation team to practice ethical and cultural humility when involving family members so that all resuscitation efforts are a success, whether the patient lives or dies.