1. Klein, Tracy PhD, FNP, ARNP, FAANP, FRE, FAAN

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Limitations of small sample size were disclosed in the published article and clearly prohibit broad conclusions about the CNS population in Oregon or nationally. However, because responses were anonymous, there would be no way for authors or readers to link nonresponders to demographic or other characteristics or conclude why they chose not to respond. Respondents were informed in the consent for the survey that their responses would be reported for publication in peer-reviewed journals, and peer review selected by Clinical Nurse Specialist was completed. At no time did respondents request or self-edit their workplace, although they had opportunity to do so if chosen. The VA system employs a large number of CNSs in Oregon, and as noted by the writers, responses from a few may not represent the perceptions of the whole, as is true with any study. However, specific employment barriers were identified by respondents at the time of the study within the VA system. Hopefully, these are now resolved.





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