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pressure ulcers, chronic wounds, collagen gel, diabetes



  1. Agosti, Jennifer K. RN, CWCA, FACCWS, CFCN, DAPWCA, ABLS
  2. Chandler, Lois A. PhD


ABSTRACT: Chronic pressure ulcers (PrUs), ulcers that fail to progress through the expected phases of wound healing in a timely fashion, are not only a concern for the patients afflicted with them, but are also a significant burden for the long-term-care facilities in which patients reside. The heel is the second most common location for PrUs. Morbidity and mortality rates for heel PrUs, particularly in the diabetic population, are alarming. Therefore, a consistently effective, cost-conscious, and user-friendly topical treatment for heel ulcers would be welcomed by patients and clinicians. This article describes a marked and rapid improvement in wound granulation in 3 older adult patients following weekly treatment for 8 weeks of chronic (>=1-year duration) heel ulcers with an easy-to-use, cost-effective, topical, formulated collagen gel.