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Childbirth, Labor support, New mothers, Perception



  1. Nikula, Pirkko RN
  2. Laukkala, Helena MA
  3. Polkki, Tarja PhD, RN


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to describe mothers' perceptions of labor support during childbirth.


Study Design and Methods: A cross-sectional, descriptive, correlational survey design was used. Data were collected using the Bryanton Adaptation of Nursing Support in Labor Questionnaire (BANSILQ) completed by new mothers (n = 260) in the postnatal ward in a Finnish university hospital. Nonparametric methods were used for data analysis.


Results: Mothers perceived emotional assistance to be most important. From the list of midwives' labor support behaviors provided in the survey, the following were considered most helpful: giving praise, treating on an individual basis, and answering questions truthfully and understandably.


Clinical Implications: Emotional, tangible, and informational labor support enhanced the mothers' birth experiences. Labor support should be provided when caring for every mother during childbirth. An evidence-based model of labor support should be used for nursing and midwifery education and clinical practice.