1. Kim, Sung-Jin PhD, RN
  2. Park, Myonghwa PhD, RN


Objective: This study identified the factors that affect the innovative behaviors of nurses at general hospitals based on their individual and organizational characteristics.


Background: The predictors of innovative nursing behaviors, such as self-leadership, individual knowledge sharing, creative self-efficacy, organizational knowledge sharing, and innovative organizational cultures, should be explored at individual and organizational level.


Methods: This study administered a cross-sectional survey to 347 registered nurses working at 6 general hospitals (with >300 beds) in central South Korea. Data were collected using a self-report questionnaire and analyzed using structural equation modeling.


Results: Self-leadership, creative self-efficacy, and individual knowledge sharing directly affected individual innovative behaviors. Organizational knowledge sharing indirectly affected individual innovative behaviors, and this effect was mediated by an innovative organizational culture.


Conclusions: This study contributes to the knowledge base regarding the effective management of individuals and organizations through innovative behavior; furthermore, it provides future directions for nursing interventions.