1. Stockwell, Serena

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This is my last full issue as OT's Editor. It's hard to say goodbye after so many years, and I will miss the daily work of making everything come together.

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Thanks especially to our Editorial Board, led by Robert C. Young, MD, now also moving on himself, who has stressed from the beginning in so many ways the importance of focusing on news, commentary, and analysis. That approach remains in our updated mission statement, to "report essential clinical news with independent analysis for today's oncologists, hematologists, and other cancer care professionals, to optimize patient care and outcomes."


I am also grateful to our two Clinical Advisory Editors, Ramaswamy Govindan, MD, and Hagop Kantarjian, MD, not only for their enthusiasm and expertise, but also for enlisting other experts to write our popular "How Do I Treat...?," "Meeting Takeaways," and "My Take on..." features.


Many thanks to our prolific and much-admired bloggers and columnists, all of whom have won awards for their OT work-Joe Simone, George Sledge, Wendy Harpham, Lola Butcher, and OT's wonderful and skilled Associate Editor, Sarah DiGiulio-and our super team of Contributing Writers/reporters: Robert H. Carlson, Peggy Eastman, Mark L. Fuerst, Meeri Kim, Kurt Samson, and Ed Susman.


I also so appreciate being able to publish Mike Thompson's careful and detailed first-hand updates from the National Cancer Institute's Community Oncology Research Program.


The biggest thanks, though, go to you, our readers, for not only reading our articles but also keeping up a dialogue, whether in person at meetings, giving feedback-negative as well as positive-and networking via social media.


Goodbye and more good wishes to the entire OT team. Watch for evolving changes and updates in future issues, including a redesign. I hope to remain in touch, even though in a different capacity.


-Serena Stockwell