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  1. Perfetto, Linda M.

AIM: This metasynthesis assists in the interpretation of qualitative research performed to explore the experience of registered nurses who return to school to pursue a baccalaureate degree. Understanding these experiences is necessary to achieve the national goal of 80 percent of RNs having BSNs by 2020.


BACKGROUND: As few as 21 percent of all RNs prepared at the associate or diploma level earn a baccalaureate degree. Experts believe that enhanced academic-clinical partnerships can result in an improvement.


METHOD: Noblit and Hare's method was followed to increase understanding of the phenomena.


ResuLts: Seven overarching themes are presented in the words of the 324 nurses included in the 13 qualitative studies in the sample.


CONCLUSION: The experiences of these nurses provide information to inform partnerships for the development of effective, efficient, and meaningful educational pathways that acknowledge the challenges and needs of these professionals.