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  1. Schenk, Elizabeth C. PhD, MHI, RN
  2. Mayer, Dorothy "Dale M. PhD, RN
  3. Ward-Barney, Erin RN
  4. Estill, Pamela MSN, RN
  5. Goss, Lola AAS
  6. Shreffler-Grant, Jean PhD, RN


OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to understand nurses' perceptions of a newly adopted electronic health record (EHR).


BACKGROUND: As use of EHRs in hospital settings increases, leaders prepare staff members for change. There is limited information about impacts of EHR adoption on RNs using EHRs at the point of care.


METHODS: Clinical RNs were surveyed about 3 domains (ease of use, usefulness, and attitude) before and after implementation of an EHR. A small subset of nurses was interviewed for a deeper understanding of perceptions associated with this change.


RESULTS: One year after adoption, nurses believed that the EHR did not improve patient care, the learning curve was steep, and they had lower confidence using the EHR than anticipated. Nurses commented on both their frustration and optimism about EHRs.


CONCLUSIONS: This study provides insight into RNs' perceptions of an EHR, providing important information for nursing administrators.