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  1. Bos, Brenda S. MS, RN
  2. Wangen, Tina M. MS, APRN, CNS
  3. Elbing, Carl E. Jr MSN, RN
  4. Rowekamp, Debra J. MS, RN
  5. Kruggel, Heather A. MS, RN-BC
  6. Conlon, Patricia M. MS, APRN, CNS, CNP
  7. Scroggins, Leann M. MS, RN, CRRN, ACNS-BC
  8. Schad, Shauna P. MS, APRN, CNS
  9. Neumann, Julie A. MS, RN-BC
  10. Barth, Melissa M. MS, RN, CCRN
  11. Grubbs, Pamela L. MS, APRN, CNS
  12. Sievers, Beth A. MS, APRN, CNS


This article describes the processes used to implement a pressure ulcer management program in a Midwest academic medical center, which led to a decrease in reportable pressure ulcers. A learning needs assessment was completed, and a workgroup was formed to address the learning needs. Methods, materials, and processes included lectures, technology-enhanced learning, and interactive stations with mannequins and pressure ulcer moulages. The processes and outcome measures used to measure effectiveness of the program are discussed.