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wound care, chronic wounds, comorbidities, quality measures, DIME



  1. Snyder, Robert J. DPM, MSc
  2. Fife, Caroline MD
  3. Moore, Zena PhD


OBJECTIVES: To discuss how patient considerations and the initial wound environment can affect wound treatment and summarize the way in which the initial US Wound Registry measures capture aspects of the DIME (Debridement/devitalized tissue, Infection or inflammation, Moisture balance, and wound Edge preparation/wound depth) principles.


DISCUSSION: The treatment of chronic wounds often involves extended hospital stays and long-term outpatient follow-up visits with costly advanced therapeutic interventions. As complex care is required for chronic wounds, treatment guidelines such as DIME have evolved to include consideration of patient-centered concerns and etiology, as well as features of wound bed preparation. The US healthcare system is in the midst of transitioning to a quality-based system. However, as wound care is not yet a recognized specialty, it is poorly represented in the current approved quality-based measures.


CONCLUSION: This article helps to identify the practice guidelines that are not currently represented by quality metrics.