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  1. Scott, Elaine S. PhD, RN, NE-BC
  2. Murphy, Lyn Stankiewicz PhD, MBA, RN
  3. Warshawsky, Nora E. PhD, RN, CNE


OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to determine the priorities for nursing administration research (NAR) in the United States.


BACKGROUND: Previously known as the Council of Graduate Educators in Administrative Nursing, CGEAN provides an avenue for researchers and educators focused on NAR to partner, dialogue, obtain funding resources, and present their findings at a biennial International Nursing Administration Research Conference (INARC). In late 2013, with a goal of building consensus, CGEAN convened an INARC postconference to initiate the process of establishing critical NAR priorities for the future.


METHODS: Data from a 3-staged Delphi study were used to identify relevant research topics and determine administrative research priorities.


RESULTS: Eight final categories of NAR were determined.


CONCLUSIONS: This study found economic valuing of nursing and designing effective future healthcare delivery systems to be high priorities for NAR.