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Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation (TGR) has traditionally been a "topical" journal since its inception in 1985. In an issue last year (Volume 31, Issue 2), we introduced you to a new format idea that we fondly call "The Thieves Market." As we previously discussed, a Thieves Market is where people bring some of their borrowed or owned treasures of all different types for others to admire, critique, and adopt as their own. The Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Carole B. Lewis, PhD, DPT, PT, GCS, GTC, CCOEE, MPA, MSG, FAPTA, feels this is a wonderful concept: to bring together articles from all over the world on a huge variety of topics and have others involved in dissecting, inspecting, scrutinizing, and appreciating the finished product. As we bring together research articles from all over the world, it is our hope that you will gain greater knowledge, skill, and insight into the world of evidence-based geriatric rehabilitation for your patients. How fun it would be to say to your patient, "I read a research article by a PT in Korea and this is what I learned from his study...."


This issue contains articles from countries all over the world including Japan, Brazil, Korea, Israel, and the United States. Topics range from yoga and osteoporosis to motor function and gait ability with robot-assisted gait training. If you have patients with osteoporosis or osteopenia, you will not want to miss the groundbreaking study titled "Twelve-Minute Daily Yoga Regimen Reverses Osteoporotic Bone Loss." Also featured are 2 additional articles not previously published in print, associated with last year's "Manual Therapy for Aging and Older Adults" issue (Volume 31, Issue 3). These 2 articles contain findings on manual therapy techniques for the cervical spine and hip joint ("Cervical Spine Manual Therapy for Aging and Older Adults" and "Hip Manual Therapy for Aging and Older Adults").


We would love to get your feedback. Let us know if you like this journal format and exchange of information. We plan to continue having topical issues as we always have, but plan to also have periodic Thieves Market issues to be able to publish some of the myriad of article submissions we receive from around the world. It is our hope that this fine collection of articles will be a valuable resource for TGR readers and will stimulate further research into the vibrant area of geriatric rehabilitation.


-Wendy P. James, PT


Managing Editor


Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation