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  1. Garcia, Patricia Azevedo PhD
  2. Dias, Joao Marcos Domingues PhD
  3. Azevedo da Silva, Silvia Lanziotti PhD
  4. Dias, Rosangela Correa PhD


Objectives: To determine associated risk factors for falls in low bone mineral density older women.


Methods: A longitudinal study involving 116 individuals. Falls history, mobility and balance, multidimensional risk, self-efficacy for falls, frailty, and muscle performance were investigated. The occurrence of falls was monitored monthly for 1 year.


Results: Sixty-four (55.2%) older women reported falls. The hamstring muscle strength was associated with falls (odds ratio = 0.974) and with recurrent falls (odds ratio = 0.966). The falls history was associated with recurrent falls (odds ratio = 1.336).


Conclusions: The low bone mineral density older women showed high frequency of falls. Hamstring muscle strength and falls history characterized predictors of falls.