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  1. Katz, Maayam PhD
  2. Maaravi, Yoram MD
  3. Kandel, Leonid MD
  4. Toybenshlak, Michael MD
  5. Katz, Noomi PhD


The study aimed to develop a short evaluation battery predicting successful rehabilitation after hip fracture surgery in elderly patients. One hundred one subjects aged 65 and older sustaining a hip fracture were examined at 3 points: during orthopedic acute care (T1), 3 months (T2), and 6 months postsurgery (T3). Multiple variables were evaluated including medical, demographics, affective, cognitive and daily functions. Significant correlations were found between cognitive and executive functions at T1 and activities of daily living/instrumental activities of daily living functions/occupations at T3. The best predictors for rehabilitation success were instrumental activities of daily living and cognition. A short battery is proposed that will enable prediction of rehabilitation success in orthopedic departments.