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  1. Young, Staci A. PhD
  2. Azam, Laila S. MBA
  3. Meurer, John R. MD, MBA
  4. Hill, Renee S. MPH
  5. Cui, Chen BA


Purpose: To elicit the perspective of patients with type 2 diabetes, specific to communication with providers and health care teams.


Methods: We conducted 21 focus groups with 115 adults in Midwestern primary care, endocrinology, and bariatric surgery clinics. Facilitators analyzed the transcripts using an iterative coding method.


Results: The themes of encouragement and motivation, relationship building, compassion, and communication preferences highlighted effective strategies consistent with the core components of patient-centered care.


Conclusions: Patients and providers benefit from systems in which patients are efficiently and compassionately supported in self-management within their abilities and in partnership with their support networks.