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  1. Sminkey, Patrice V. RN
  2. LeDoux, Jeannie RN, BSN, MBA, CCM, CPHQ


Purpose: The purpose of this discussion is to draw attention to the considerable pressure on professional case managers today to coordinate with multiple stakeholders, with responsibilities that put them at the forefront of contact with payers and providers. This discussion raises awareness of how case managers, and board-certified case managers in particular, must demonstrate that they adhere to the highest ethical standards, as codified by the Commission for Case Manager Certification's Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers.


Primary Practice Settings: This discussion applies to case management practices and work settings across the full continuum of health care.


Implications for Case Management Practice: As advocates for clients (individuals receiving case management services) and their families/support systems, case managers must adhere to the highest of ethical and professional standards. The Code of Professional Conduct for Case Managers is an indispensable resource for case managers to ensure that they place the public interest above their own, respect the rights and inherent dignity of clients, maintain objectivity in their relationships with clients, and act with integrity and fidelity with clients and others, as stipulated by the code.