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  1. Perrigino, Matthew B. BBA
  2. Dunford, Benjamin B. PhD
  3. Berndt, Dawn DNP, RN, CRNI(R)
  4. Gaston, Cynthia L. PharmD, BCPS


Based on an organization theory perspective, this study proposes that nurses not only consider how infusion pumps place demands on themselves but also consider how infusion pumps place demands on patients. Results from a sample of nurses in a large, public authority, nonprofit teaching hospital located in the midwestern United States indicate that "demanding formalization for nurses" and "demanding formalization for patients" are 2 empirically distinct constructs. Demanding formalization for patients was a stronger predictor of infusion pump-related attitudes, in addition to trust and pay satisfaction. Demanding formalization for nurses was a stronger predictor of job satisfaction, turnover intention, and burnout.