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FDA proposes halt on powdered glove use

Q I've heard about the FDA proposal to ban powdered gloves. What exactly does it entail?

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On March 21, 2016, the U.S. FDAannounced a proposed ban on mostpowdered gloves, including powderedsurgeons' gloves, powdered patient exam gloves, and the absorbable powder used for lubricating surgeons' gloves. The FDA found no evidence of powdered radiographic protection gloves being currently available. The ban doesn't include nonpowdered surgeons' gloves or nonpowdered patient exam gloves, which will continue to be classified as Class I medical devices. Powder may be added to gloves to make donning and doffing them easier. Although use of powdered gloves has decreased in recent years, the risk they pose to patients and healthcare providers can't be corrected by new or updated labeling. Adverse reactions include severe airway inflammation, wound inflammation, and postsurgical adhesions. The comment period for the proposal ended on June 20. If the ban is approved, the aforementioned products will be removed from the marketplace. A decision has yet to be reached at this issue's press time.