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  1. Im, Eun-Ok PhD, MPH, RN, CNS, FAAN
  2. Lee, Yaelim PhD, RN
  3. Ji, Xiaopeng MSN, RN
  4. Zhang, Jingwen PhD
  5. Kim, Sangmi MSN, RN
  6. Chee, Eunice BSE
  7. Chee, Wonshik PhD
  8. Tsai, Hsiu-Min PhD, FAAN
  9. Nishigaki, Masakazu PhD, RN, PHN, CGC
  10. Yeo, Seon Ae PhD, FAAN
  11. Shapira, Marilyn M. MD, MPH
  12. Mao, Jun James MD, MSCE


The purpose of this article is to identify practical issues in Internet recruitment of racial/ethnic minorities by analyzing an Internet intervention study conducted with Asian American breast cancer survivors, and to propose directions for recruitment of racial/ethnic minorities for future Internet research. Six practical issues were identified: (a) a relatively fewer number of Internet communities/groups; (b) hindrances in establishing authenticity; (c) difficulties in gaining entree from the webmasters or Web site owners of Internet communities/groups; (d) the necessity of racially/ethnically matched research team members; (e) flexibility required in recruitment strategies; and (f) strategies to overcome the low response rate.