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Regional Offerings

October 8, 2016-Carolina Mountain NAON's 13th Annual Orthopaedic Nursing Conference. 1 Hospital Drive, Ashveille, North Carolina 28801.


October 24-27, 2017-ANZONA 2017.


Pan Pacific Hotel, Adelaide Terrace, 207, Perth WA 6000, Australia.


October 28, 2016-St. Louis Chapter Workshop. St. Luke's Hospital, Emerson Auditorium, 222 S. Woods Mill Road, Chesterfield, Missouri.


November 17-18, 2016-36th Annual Orthopaedic & Nursing Seminar.


Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403,


November 18, 2016-2nd Annual Orthopaedic PA/NP Orthopaedic and Trauma Course.


Minneapolis convention Center, 1301 2nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403,


NAON Member Benefit Webinar Series

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Advance Practice Webinars in 2016 (Registration Fee Required)

October 17, 2016, 4:00 pm CST-Five shades of gray (Part Two): Advanced Radiographic interpretation and tratment for the APN


October 19th, 2016, CST: 4:00 pm-Foundations of Orthopaedic Nursing Care: Metabolic Bone Disease


November 16th, 2016, CST: 3:00 pm-Medications and the Orthopaedic Nurse


December 8th, 2016, CST: 4:00 pm-The Nuts and Bolts of Orthopaedic Nursing Research interpretation and treatment for the APN