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  1. Romani-Ruby, Christine DEd, MPT, PT, ATC, PMA(R)CPT


Introduction: Master athletes performing in equestrian riding and jumping have specific needs that many typical conditioning programs do not address.


Case Presentation: An equestrian master athlete with several comorbidities embraced Pilates as a method to maintain her fitness level and improved her performance at competition.


Management and Outcome: The client was experiencing difficulty holding her position on the horse due to fatigue, lack of flexibility, and weakness. Through a year of Pilates conditioning, she improved her strength and flexibility and learned methods to delay the onset of fatigue and improve her posture for riding.


Discussion: One of the most vital aspects of training for the equestrian master athlete is the ability to visualize and produce postures. The Pilates environment provides the simulated environment, the visual cues, and the appropriate physical overload.