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heart failure, impedance cardiography, right ventricular hemodynamic monitoring



  1. Von Rueden, Kathryn Truter MS, RN, FCCM


Effective management of patients with heart failure is guided by hemodynamic indices that may provide more objective evidence of cardiovascular status than physical signs and symptoms and the chest radiograph. Quantitative hemodynamic data obtained without the need for hospitalization supplements physical assessment findings, daily weights, and functional status classification and provides objective data for optimization of therapies and prevention or reduction of hospitalizations. The current health care climate is characterized by shrinking health care reimbursement and increased emphasis on patient-centered care focused on enhancing quality of life and patient satisfaction. In this climate, devices such as an implantable right ventricular hemodynamic monitor and impedance cardiography may improve nursing and medical management, promote appropriate use of resources, and contribute to enhanced quality of care and patient quality of life.