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geriatric health care, organization, personnel, work-site change



  1. Lokk, Johan PhD
  2. Arnetz, Bengt MD, PhD


The study evaluated the effect of a change of work site and organization on work environment and psychosocial parameters; the change involved health care personnel at a geriatric hospital. Another aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of a structured psychoeducational intervention program. The study found few changes in the indices of interest on the experimental and control wards. There were, however, significant improvements in social climate, goal quality, and independence of work on the control ward. The investigators postulated that too much external support hampers a group's ability to actively cope with change and might actually lower a group's ability and self-esteem. In order to achieve successful organizational change, psychosocial intervention programs for personnel must be performed by a well-informed, well-chosen, and experienced counsellor who is well tailored to the local organization.