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  1. Miller, Kristen E. DrPH, MSPH
  2. Arnold, Ryan MD, MA
  3. Capan, Muge PhD
  4. Campbell, Michele BSN, RN, MSM, CPHQ, FABC
  5. Zern, Susan Coffey MD, CHSE
  6. Dressler, Robert MD, MBA
  7. Duru, Ozioma O. PharmD, BCPS
  8. Ebbert, Gwen MSN, BA, RN, RN-BC
  9. Jackson, Eric Jr MD, MBA
  10. Learish, John CHTM, CBET, CRES
  11. Strauss, Danielle BA
  12. Wu, Pan PhD
  13. Bennett, Dean A. RPh, CPHQ


With the recognition that the introduction of new technology causes changes in workflow and may introduce new errors to the system, usability testing was performed to provide data on nursing practice and interaction with infusion pump technology. Usability testing provides the opportunity to detect and analyze potentially dangerous problems with the design of infusion pumps that could cause or allow avoidable errors. This work will reduce preventable harm through the optimization of health care delivery.