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Making resolutions is a traditional hallmark of the New Year. The holidays are over and we all settle back into our usual routine. This eventually turns into the goal of surviving the everyday challenges of life. But survival for a professional organization is not enough.


Continuing our conversations from "The Seven Strategic Conversations that could transform your Association," the topic of this president's message is promoting "Living Organizations." The Foundation of the American Society of Association Executives remarks: to remain a living organization, an association must breakdown heavily structured styles. To survive we must encourage fluid, flexible, and adaptive approaches. Unsuccessful adaptation is not an option.


National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses (NAON) is a living example of these principles. We have marked a revolution in our 23-year history. To remain a "living organization," we have entered into a relationship for management and conference services with Smith, Bucklin, and Associates. The NAON Executive Board envisioned a new future for this association. The administrative team will come together with the Executive Board and other NAON leaders to bring life to our vision of the future.


As we enter this New Year, resolutions are easy to make and break. Rather, associations have strategic initiatives. As we cross this threshold, we are presented with unique opportunities as we prepare for the possibilities ahead. The key question is how do we keep the purpose and vision of NAON in front of our members? How can this association founded by the Baby Boomers adapt its style to attract members of the Generation X and Millennial generations. What do we have to offer and how do we get our message to healthcare consumers of all aged populations? Members will begin to see answers to these questions with the development of the following endeavors.


Develop a brand identity.

What does a brand identity mean? It is creating a standard format and set of colors associated with productions, brochures, and printed materials. What does NAON have to identify itself? Beginning this year, you will see the use of a standard set of colors along with the traditional NAON blue. The colors, format, and design template will cross all NAON productions and printed materials.


Create a marketing plan.

Well over a year ago, the NAON Executive Board embarked on a marketing plan for this association. You have seen evidence of this plan with the redesign of the NAON logo layout and addition of the tag line "Advancing the art and science of orthopaedic care." Under the direction of the Executive Board, the Smith Bucklin marketing and communications team will work with several task forces to develop and implement a complete marketing plan for NAON.


Redesign the Web site.

The NAON Web site has undergone a dramatic overhaul with its debut. My wish is to use this site to meet member needs, promote communication, and provide avenues for nonmembers to access valuable resources.


Expand NAON membership.

This year marks the unveiling of the new Associate Member category of membership. Now all orthopedic care providers or any individual who supports the purpose of NAON may join. My wish is for every current NAON member to locate one associate member in the next year. Just think: we could double the size of the association in one year. An Associate Member Implementation Team will make recommendations to the Executive Board regarding implementing this initiative to take full advantage of the benefits to the association and the individual members as well.



My last resolution is to create the best congress ever. Now I am sure all presidents have this wish for their year. However, I do believe that the congress will be remarkable. The Convention and Trade Show Department (CTD) and Marketing and Communications (MARCOM) NAON team members have worked to provides strategies to enhance the congress experience. To congress veterans, we will have the classic events of opening ceremonies, eye openers, closing, and concurrent sessions. We hope you will agree that these events will take on a new excitement. Participants will also find a few creative and exciting additions to enhance the week. You must come and see for yourself.


As each of you settle into the New Year, your leadership team will be in the full swing of the year. I invite you to make one resolution for the year. Resolve to remain connected with us as we all create the "Living Organization" of the future and capture all the possibilities that lay ahead for NAON!



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