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cancer patients, depression, depression among cancer patients, spiritual well-being, spirituality among cancer patients



  1. Stutzman, Hannah MSN, RN
  2. Abraham, Sam DHA, RN


Depression in adult cancer patients has been widely studied, along with spiritual effects of traumatic events and even spiritual growth after a diagnosis of cancer. There has been limited research determining a direct correlation between spiritual well-being and depression in adult cancer patients. The purpose of this research study was to examine the relationship between spiritual well-being and depression in adult cancer patients. This was a descriptive correlational study using 59 patients older than 18 years from an outpatient cancer center. The researchers hypothesized that patients with a low spiritual well-being score would be more likely to have a high depressive symptom score, thus providing support for a correlation between cancer patient's spiritual well-being and risk of depression. Implications of this study lead to evidence for better screening processes for cancer patients regarding spiritual well-being.