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  1. Gras, Laura Z. PT, DPT, DSc, MS, GCS
  2. Pohl, Patricia S. PhD, PT
  3. Epidy, John PT, DPT
  4. Godin, Brittany PT, DPT
  5. Hoessle, Naida PT, DPT


A quick screening test to determine older adults' fall risk would be beneficial given that the physical therapist has limited time to complete an initial examination. The purpose of this study was to determine whether performance on the sharpened Romberg is associated with fall risk, mobility, and gait measures. Results of data from 34 adults at least 60 years of age revealed that the ability to attain and hold the tandem stance position for the sharpened Romberg is associated with low fall risk. The sharpened Romberg can serve as a quick balance screen that requires minimal space and equipment.