1. McCabe, Geri RN,C
  2. BSN

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Heather Kimura's article "Overcoming toxic management" gave a much-needed voice to nurses who are abused and exploited by toxic managers. The author's assessment of the caustic manager and the way that upper management deals with this issue was right on target. I've encouraged colleagues to read the article and pass it on.


Staff nurses, nurse managers, and executives can benefit from Kimura's insight. It's time that all organizations, large and small, accurately respect their staff. Let's provide enlightened managers who value their staff's work and who coach rather than bully. Bravo, Ms. Kimura! Your article is timely and your antidote is realistic and cost-effective. And to the managers who already utilize these team-building strategies, thank you.


Geri McCabe, RN,C; BSN