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  1. Macho, Patricia MSN, RNC-NIC


Background: Individualized developmental care (IDC) is a collection of evidence-based practices that include adapting care practices based on the infant's behavioral and developmental state, involving parents and families in the infant's care, and providing an environment that minimizes over stimulation of the infant.


Purpose: To clarify the definition of IDC in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and to provide guidelines for implementation of IDC for healthcare professionals through a concept analysis.


Method/Search Strategy: A literature review involving a search of multiple electronic databases from January 1982 to November 2016 was performed along with presentation of a model case and attributes of IDC.


Conclusions: This concept analysis defines and provides guidelines for implementing an individualized developmentally sound environment for infants born premature and their families.


Implications for Practice: All NICUs need to strive to provide an environment that supports and promotes IDC. Education needs to be provided to healthcare providers and parents regarding IDC practices.


Implications for Research: Further research into short- and long-term outcomes of IDC is needed. Research into whether IDC is being implemented by NICUs is also needed.