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* "As a nurse, so much of my job deals with the physical matter of life[horizontal ellipsis] tangible phenomena I can observe with my own senses and measure in quantifiable outcomes. But what of the deeper things that we can't assess or treat-the deeper emotional and spiritual aspects of human existence?" asks operating room nurse Libby Kurz in her post "The Significant and the Superficial" (


* The Traumatic Brain Injury Team at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Injury Center underscores the importance of preventing concussion in children and teens in their post "CDC Draws Attention to Youth Concussion Risks, Offers Training and Resources" (


* In her post "Parents as Mentors: Observations of a Peds/NICU Nurse," Jody Holland recalls the inspiring strength of the parents of her patients (



"[Opioids are] useful tools that (like everything in medicine) land somewhere on the axes of risk and benefit. They aren't evil and they aren't a panacea." "Nursing care encompasses much more than can be captured on a piece of paper. [It's] not something that can be measured with quantitative data." "A nurse with competent clinical judgment has perceptions that often are not included in an algorithm."




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* Geraldine Rose Britton, lead author of "The Experiences of Pregnant Smokers and Their Providers."