1. McIltrot, Kimberly DNP, CPNP, CWOCN

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The Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing (JPSN) has now completed Year 3 of a 5-year contract with our Publisher, Wolters-Kluwer. It has been an incredible time of learning, collaboration, innovation, and growth! JPSN is now available in 47 countries, and article views have increased by at least 10% yearly with over 4,000 views in 2016. Popular articles are practical things that pediatric surgical nurses are extremely well versed in: gastrostomy tubes, trauma, and childhood obesity, to name a few of the top accessed articles.

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January 2017 brought a change to the site with the institution of a responsive design for any platform. With our enhanced, dynamic Web site (, users will experience seamless adjustments and optimized viewing, regardless of the type of smart device they are using. The JPSN app has been discontinued; however, the app may still be used to download and read any previously published issues. The Journal may be easily accessed through the Web site by clicking on the "Journal" tab.


In every JPSN issue, one of the articles is available for Contact Hours. JPSN has had over a 250% increase in individuals taking the contact hour tests. Please consider these when you are in need of contact hours.


Robin Koonce has recently joined the JPSN Editorial Board as the Section Editor for "Name the Diagnosis." Robin is creating a template for the column, which will be posted on the JPSN Web site. Robin is also working with the publisher to create some interactions between the readers and the articles. Please consider authoring a "Name the Diagnosis."


Nancy Tkacz Browne has been instrumental in creating our mentorship program for new authors who need assistance or experienced authors who only need help staying on track. A number of JPSN authors have used this service; when I discussed this program at an International Editor conference, it was unheard of! If you don't know where to start but you are interested in authoring, please reach out to Nancy or any of the editorial board members.


Moving forward over the next several years, we will be working toward applying for an impact factor and will continue to collect data from altmetrics. We would also like to work toward increasing our page count but will need the support of all of our authors! The JPSN editorial board is extremely thankful for all of the fantastic reviewers and authors we have had over the years! Please consider reviewing or authoring in one of our upcoming issues. Your expertise and insight are invaluable to the profession of pediatric surgery; publication is one of the best ways to share your knowledge. With the assistance of all of you, we will continue to advance JPSN to the next stage.


I look forward to seeing your articles in print!




Kimberly McIltrot


Editor in Chief, JPSN