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  1. Newshan, Gayle PhD, NP
  2. Schuller-Civitella, Donna MPH, RN


Representing the largest published sample size of therapeutic touch (TT) outcomes to date, data from this continuous quality improvement (CQI) clinical study suggests that TT, when provided in the clinical setting, promotes comfort, calmness, and well-being among hospitalized patients. In addition, patients are highly satisfied with TT. The newly developed Patient Satisfaction Survey and TT Performance Improvement Tool provide an effective means by which to evaluate a TT program.


Therapeutic touch (TT) is a holistic healing practice used to help activate the self-healing processes of the individual. 1,2 Research supports TT as a nursing intervention that has a positive, moderate effect. 3,4 The introduction of an inpatient, hospital-based TT program led to the development of TT-related continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities. The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) requires institutions seeking accreditation to maintain CQI activities. 5