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* "Tonight I am the protector. I push through the heavy double doors of the ICU. My mother is still awake, her pillows soft beneath her head, the bedcovers wrapping her in whiteness," writes RN Eileen McGorry in her post "Night Watch" (


* Journalist Cindy Richards highlights ideas for combating nurse burnout drawn from a recent conference in her post "Report Draws Attention to Nurse Burnout, Seeks to Restore Joy to Profession" (


* In "Remembering an Air Force Nurse Killed in a Vietnam War Airlift," AJN senior editor Corinne McSpedon shares the story of Captain Mary Klinker, the only member of the U.S. Air Force Nurse Corps to die in that war (



"Young nurses today don't believe me when I tell them we were required in nursing school to stand up and give up our chairs at the nurses' station to physicians." "I wish people understood that when [nurses] leave at the end of the day we cannot just shut off our emotions. Your pain is often our pain." "Every nurse I've ever worked beside [has influenced my nursing career]. Some showed me the kind of nurse I wanted to be, and others showed me the kind of nurse not to be."




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* Behind the article: Editor-in-chief Shawn Kennedy speaks with


* Katie Gresia McElroy, lead author of "Health and the Human Microbiome: A Primer for Nurses.


* Linda M. MacIntyre, author of "The Growing Need for Diverse Blood Donors.