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Nursing Management journal's editorial board is recognizing a nurse leader who viewsnursing as both an art and a science by promoting caring and competence as the link between science and humanity. Named in honor of the journal's long-standing andhighly-respected editor-in-chief and conference chairperson, Dr. Richard Hader,this award recognizes excellence in nursing leadership.

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To enter the award competition, compose a manuscript of up to 2,000 words detailing your ownor a colleague's accomplishments in planning, developing, and implementing sustainable change in your unit or department. The manuscript should articulate evidence that addresses the following award guidelines.


* Positive work environment: The leader significantly influences the unit or department through the implementation of creative strategies to improve a professional model of care, nurse satisfaction, patient safety and quality, and professional development.


* Clinical practice: The leader actively implements strategies that support the advancement of nursing science through clarifying, refining, and expanding the nursing knowledge base byinfluencing patient care delivery.


* Transformational leadership: The leader defines a shared vision, motivates and coaches teams toward the shared vision, and allows for shared decision making within the team or organization.


* Mentoring: The leader functions as a mentor, encouraging and engaging team members toparticipate in the change process.



The entry should address the leader's ability to sustain excellence through insight, inspiration, creativity, and applicability to other organizations.


Nursing Management's editorial board will select the winner based on the manuscript's readability, originality, and evidence of credibility. We'll feature the winning manuscript in our January 2018 issue. The selected honoree will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Nursing Management Congress2017, which includes round-trip airfare, conference registration, and hotel accommodations. The winner will be recognized onsite during the conference program.


E-mail your manuscript to, with "Visionary Leader" in the subject head. Deadline to enter: July 15, 2017.

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